Every day elegance and phantasy are blended by flair for each special occasion by NOI GIOIELLI. The uniqueness is cast in the plasticity of methals which slowly take shape with the most precious stones and become alive with its own unbeatable character. Using all of our knowledge of materials and goldsmith skills, we create this collection by capturing the flight of our wildest dreams to merge with our talent and skill. The beauty of the results never ceases to amaze and inspire us to go on to bolder visions in creativity. The light is unvealed through bold solutions and continuous experimentation blended in new balance.

photo 1:
Flower Brooch in Platinum, Diamonds 6,67ct, Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire
Offering flowers as a present dates back to the eighteenth Century and relates to the inalienable human attempt to express what is inexplicable. Our jewel BOUQUET is a broach that will keep your most precious secrets safe.

photo 2:
Ring in 18k White Gold, Diamonds 3,01ct and Aquamarin 9,65ct.

photo 3:
Ring in 18k Pink Gold, Diamonds, Opal
From our special interest in opal derives the name of this ever-expanding collection: “aurora” (first light) recalls opal's different traditions, all having in common the iridescent property of the stone; whether fallen from heaven and born by lightning (according to the Arab legend), or touched by the Rainbow Serpent, (as believed by the Aborigines). We also believe opal to be the only stone that is able to cherish a sense of consistency and sincerity because it does not need any extra treatment. Furthermore, giving an opal ring as a present makes us an accomplice of a new-born true love.