NOIGIOIELLI has been creating exquisite, one-of-a-kind, custom-made jewellery for our clients since opening our doors. The custom-design process is an exciting one, as it allows us to work together with you, the client, and exercise our joint creativity to make something truly unique and special.
Whether you would like to contribute an heirloom or stones from other jewellery, recycle your old gold or have loose stones encased in a beautiful setting, our aim is to showcase the star attraction (either the stone or a unique detail) by moulding the balance of the piece around it to create a breathtaking custom-designed piece.
If you are looking for a truly unique engagement ring, we specialise in striking designs to match the expression of your love. We know how special an engagement ring is and we take into careful consideration your preferences, ideas and inspirations to create a design tailored specifically to your special occasion.
The beauty of custom-made jewellery is that you can achieve a design that reflects your creativity, individuality and personal style.

photo 1:

photo 2:
Ring in 18k Yellow Gold with Tear-cut Fancy Yellow Diamonds

photo 3:
Rings in 18k White Gold with Various Shapes of Diamonds and Precious Stones.