Using jewellery as a means to communicate the beauty of uniquely handcrafted creations and the preservation of precious traditions, the story of NOI GIOIELLI’s collections began with a passion for the art of fine jewellery combined with generations of craftsmanship.
In a small and ancient workshop in Florence, next to the famous Ponte Vecchio, our goldsmiths and stone setters have devoted themselves continuously merging history and originality into new creations.
All of the NOI GIOIELLI collections were born here, starting from the inception of hand sketches to the finished pieces, including in house marketing and sales.
Skillful collaborators, prestigious awards and a long family tradition are just part of the story, whose great emotions can only be experienced through the NOI GIOIELLI creations themselves.
Experience the beauty of NOI GIOIELLI’s creations for yourself!

photo 1:
Entrance of Atelier

photo 2:
Noi Gioielli is excellent in gemstone setting, which is the most important and delicate technique as it needs vast amounts of specialised knowledge. Each stone is placed by the graver on the ground metal, which is temporarily settled in a sealing wax support.

photo 3:
The Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge)